A Quick Overview Of The Chan Meditation

July 30, 2020


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If you have ever heard of Chan meditation before, you may wonder what this actually represents. It is a form of Buddhism, one that was assumed by people in Japan, and is practiced even today. Meditation is a part of many Eastern cultures. This particular version focuses upon concentrating your samadhi power. There are different forms of training involved with this particular meditation which is derived from Mahayana Buddhism. Here is an overview of how Chan meditation works and why you may want to consider trying this out in the near future.

What You Should Know About This Form Of Meditation

In most forms of meditation, it is designed to quiet your mind. It is your way of turning off the perpetual internal dialogue. When you are able to do this, you then have a platform from which to build upon this spiritual side of your being. Some people will use visualization during these quiet moments. Chan is a way of truly understanding nature and how your mind will relate to it. Specifically, it’s about defining your image of what is called self nature. This is done through the removal of attachments, false thoughts, and embracing virtue, inherent wisdom, and trying to connect with all that represents the Buddhas.

How Do You Perform This Meditation?

At a basic level, this form of Buddhism and meditation focuses upon what is called ceasing. It is also representative of embracing the Bodhi. The first patriarch of the original Chan School was presented by Great Master Bodhidharma. It is from that point that it began to spread quite rapidly. Your goal is to not let aberrant thoughts arise in your mind. There are two requirements to becoming proficient. First, you need to still your mind, as well as your body, preventing any thoughts from arising that simply show up. The other prerequisite of becoming proficient with this form of meditation is to put everything down. This means to not focus upon your material possessions and let go. By doing so, along with a quiet mind, you can pursue all that this form of meditation has to offer.

What Is The End Result?

What will happen is that your mind will function in a different way. Instead of being preoccupied with the constant changes of life, or even where you live, you will learn how to reject and ignore the outward illusion. The byproduct of this is to experience a lack of hatred, greed, and ignorance. You may also be able to avoid feelings of pain, hunger, and will embrace a life that is not focused on lack or loss.

Once you become proficient with Chan Meditation, you will feel a noticeable increase in your power to concentrate. Your mind will become much more focused and relaxed at the same time. Your body will also benefit by becoming healthier. By maintaining a proper sitting posture, and improving your ability to focus, you will achieve milestones such as feeling less pain and avoiding mental distractions. This could change your life in a positive way if you were to master this form of meditation which has been so beneficial for millions of people worldwide.